In early 2017 I documented my grandparents over a couple of months and followed them almost everywhere they went.
My grandmother Ursula, short Uschi, born in 1946 and my grandfather Helmut, born in 1943, got married in 1967. They still run a business in the health therapy field. Uschi is a trained nurse and Helmut a butcher, but works as a masseur. Together they have five grandchildren from two daughters, one of them is my mother. 
By accompanying the two in their everyday life I learned more about my grandparents and strengthened our bond. I got to know their friends, the places they go to without the rest of the family and I witnessed them interacting with their costumers. The best aspect about doing this documentary is that I got to spend a lot of time with my grandparents and also that their life in the old age is now documented forever. 
Our time is limited and I realised that I shouldn't take it for granted. 
A big thanks to my grandparents for being part of this and making this a wonderful experience.
I presented eight selected photographs of the series as part of the Darmstadt Tage der Fotografie on the premises of the design department of my university.
My Grandparents in front of their photos.
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